The Weekly Draw – 2018

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Round 2 – Saturday April 14 – Sunday April 15

This post will be updated weekly throughout the season with the most up to date draw for the coming weekend including any ground changes etc. So please make sure to check this post regularly for changes.

To see more detailed match information, tap on the ” + ” next to any team name.

Always check our facebook page for any last minute changes to the draw.

Field duties for Saturday

Field duties for Sunday

Please note that Field Duties are an integral part of having home games. Without your help we cannot function properly on game day. All we are asking is field duties 3 times a year during the season proper. Please get as many of your parents as possible to help out when your turn comes. Alternatively if you see Dianne struggling in the Canteen please do not leave her stranded. Just remember how many hours a week she devotes to the welfare of the children in our Club.

Have a Great Season.

TeamDivTimeHome TeamAway TeamVenue
6/1’s19.50amBrothers (1)St Clair (1)HICKEYS PARK
6/2’s29.00amSt Clair (2)Blacktown Workers(1)PEPPERTREE
6/3’s39.50amBrothers (3)St Clair (3)HICKEYS PARK
6/4’s59.00amSt Clair (4)Emu Plains (4)PEPPERTREE
6/5’s69.00am Blacktown BearsSt Clair (5)JACK MYERS FIELDS
6/6’s79.00amSt Clair (6)Doonside (3)PEPPERTREE
6/7’s89.50amBrothers (4)St Clair (7)HICKEYS PARK
6/8’s99.00am St Clair (8)Rooty Hill (1)PEPPERTREE
6/9’s119.00amBrothers(6)St Clair(9)HICKEYS PARK
7/1’s19.00amBrothers (1)St Clair (1)HICKEYS PARK
7/2’s39.50amSt Clair (2)Emu Plains (2)PEPPERTREE
7/3’s49.50amSt Clair (3)Blacktown Workers (1)PEPPERTREE
7/4’s59.50amRooty Hill(1)St Clair (4)PEPPERTREE
7/5’s89.50amSt Clair (5)Cambridge Park(4)PEPPERTREE
8/1’s112.20pmBrothers (1)St Clair (1)HICKEYS PARK
8/2’s210.40amSt Clair (2)Western City Tigers (1)PEPPERTREE
8/3’s39.00amQuakers Hill (2)St Clair (3)WAITE RESERVE
8/4’s49.50amSt Clair (4)Riverstone (1)PEPPERTREE
8/5’s511.30amBrothers (3)St Clair (5)HICKEYS PARK
8/6’s69.00amSt Clair (6)Doonside (2)PEPPERTREE
9/1’s12.50pmBrothers(1)St Clair (1)HICKEYS PARK
9/2’s310.20amBlacktown Workers(1)St Clair (2)JACK MYERS FIELDS
9/3’s42.00pmBrothers(3)St Clair (3)HICKEYS PARK
9/4’s611.30amSt Clair (4)Emu Plains(4)PEPPERTREE
9/5’s79.00am Hawkesbury(3)St Clair (5)TURNBULL OVAL
10/1’s19.00 am Brothers (1)St Clair (1)HICKEYS PARK
10/2’s212.30pm Cambridge Park(1)St Clair (2)ALLSOPP-PATTERSON OVALS
10/3’s49.40amDoonside (1)St Clair (3)KAREELA RESERVE
10/4’s59.50 am Brothers(3)St Clair (4)HICKEYS PARK
11/1’s11.10pmBrothers(1)St Clair (1)HICKEYS PARK
11/2’s211.40pm Quakers Hill(1)St Clair (2)WAITE RESERVE
11/3’s311.40amSt Clair (3)Lower Mountains(1)PEPPERTREE
11/4’s410.50amSt Clair (4)Rooty Hill(1)PEPPERTREE
11/5’s611.00am Quakers Hill (2)St Clair (5)WAITE RESERVE
12/1’s110.40 am Brothers(1)St Clair (1)HICKEYS PARK
12/2’s212.30 pm St Clair (2)Emu Plains(1)PEPPERTREE
12/3’s4 St Clair (3)ByeBye
13/1’s111.00amSt Clair (1)Blacktown Bears(1)PEPPERTREE
13/2’S210.00amSt Clair (2)Emu Plains(1)PEPPERTREE
13/3’s49.00amSt Clair (3)Colyton (2)PEPPERTREE
14/1’S11.00pmSt Clair (1)Windsor(2)PEPPERTREE
14/2’S212.00pmSt Clair (2)Emu Plains(1)PEPPERTREE
14/3’S412.40pmGlenmore Park(3)St Clair (3)CHED TOWNS RESERVE
15/1’s12.00pmSt Clair (1)Emu Plains(1)PEPPERTREE
15/2’s31.30 pm Brothers(2)St Clair (2)HICKEYS PARK
16 GIRLS 1.20pm St ClairEmu Plains PEPPERTREE
12Girls 10.40am St Clair (1)Mt Druitt Lions(2)Whalan Reserve/Sunday
16110.15amSt Clair (1)Brothers(1)Turnbull Oval
1629.00amRooty Hill(1)St Clair (2)Turnbull Oval
171 St Clair (1)BYE
17210.00amCambridge Park(1)St Clair (2)ALLSOPP-PATTERSON OVALS
C111.30amSt Patricks(1)St Clair (1)MEURANTS LANE RESERVE
C210.15amSt Clair (2)Emu Plains(2)Leonay Oval
A12.30pmSt PatricksSt ClairMEURANTS LANE RESERVE