About St Clair Comets

St Clair Junior Rugby League Club Resume

Our Vision

To be the most Successful Junior Rugby League Club in the Penrith District. Demonstrating excellence in the caring, growth and development of the youth in our community by having;

  • Total focus of “One Club One Vision”.
  • Increasing the profile of the Club in both the local and business community.
  • Incorporate our core values of :Integrity, Quality, Professionalism, Trust and Teamwork in everything we do.

Summary of the Club’s Growth 1984-2015

The Club began in 1984 with seven teams. A small band of dedicated volunteers from the new estate of St Clair  saw the need for a Junior Rugby League Club in their own area. They ran the Club from grounds outside the district at Sheppard Park Colyton, then Ropes Creek Park Mt Druitt before being allocated a home ground in Erskine Park, Peppertree Reserve.

  • 1984, 7 teams, 96 players
  • 1985, 8 teams, 108 players.
  • 1986, 10 teams, 135 players.
  • 1987, 10 teams, 150 players.
  • 1988, 13 teams, 170 players.
  • 1989, 18 teams, 235 players.
  • 1990, 23 teams, 350 players.
  • 1991, 28 teams, 492 players.
  • 1992, 35 teams, 540 players.
  • 1993, 43 teams, 619 players.
  • 1994, 44 teams, 624 players.
  • 1995, 45 teams, 620 players.
  • 1996, 46 teams, 625 players
  • 1997, 43 teams, 625 players
  • 1998, 41 teams, 615 players
  • 1999, 42 teams, 650 players
  • 2000, 44 teams, 650 players
  • 2001, 42 teams, 635 players
  • 2002, 42 teams, 620 players
  • 2003, 39 teams, 590 players
  • 2004, 45 teams, 710 players
  • 2005, 45 teams, 740 players
  • 2006, 45 teams, 725 players
  • 2007, 45 teams, 735 players
  • 2008, 45 teams, 720 players
  • 2009, 45 teams, 710 players
  • 2010, 45 teams, 710 players
  • 2011, 48 teams, 760 players
  • 2012, 48 teams, 720 players
  • 2013, 46 teams, 715 players
  • 2014, 47 teams, 720 players
  • 2015, 49 teams, 766 players
  • Grounds

    • In 1986 the Club was allocated the Solander Drive field as their training field.
    • In 1989 the Club was  allocated Peppertree Reserve at the corner of Peppertree and Swallow Drives as their home ground with two international fields.
    • In 1993 due to the rapid growth of the Club a further field at Cook and Banks Drive was granted for training purposes.
    • Lighting is now available for night training on all fields.
    • In 1996 a perimeter fence was erected around Peppertree Reserve in line with the move to 1st division.
    • In 2005 the Canteen and amenities building were extended. The canteen was doubled in size, the home change room was made larger and a referees, storage and clothing rooms were added on.Total cost of the project was $100,000 of which Penrith Council paid 25%, Dept of Sports also paid 25%, while St Clair JRLC had to put in the balance.
    • In 2009 the council build a mini field at the front of Peppertree Reserveto take a load of the wear and tear on the main fields and to have the mini teams a dedicated field.
    • In 2013 a new Storage Facility was built at Peppertree to replace the 3 rusty containers which were used to house all our equipment. The cost of $90,000 was shared $25,000 State Government, $15,000 Penrith council and $50,000 by the club.
    • In 2013 we built the enclosed BBQ fully fitted for $7000 funded by the club.

    Club Structure

    The Club is run by a voluntary Committee of local Community people. This Committee consists of  an Executive of seven, plus several sub-committees.

    The ages fielded on Saturday Football are – under 6’s to under 15’s, with as many as six sides in an age group, each side competing in appropriate divisions. All Saturday sides having their number 1 team competing in first division. The ages fielded on Sunday Football are – under  16’s, 17’s, 19’s, A Reserve and A Grade. All of these sides are also competing in first division competition.

    Financial Structure

    The Club relies on sponsorship and fund raising within the community to cover the running costs of the Club. Membership fees, and players registration are kept to a minimum to try and keep the sport accessible to all.

    Penrith  DistrictJunior League Awards

    • Best Managed Club – 1990, 1993, 1996, 2000,2002, 2008
    • Minor Club Championship – 1995, 1997, 1998
    • Saturday Club Championship – 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997,1998, 2008
    • Overall Club Championship – 1992,1993,1994,1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
    • Junior League Relay Champions – 1995, 1999, 2004, 2005
    • Sunday First Division Club Championship – 2009

    Highest Ranked Players

    Michael Withers – In 1994 at 19 years of age Michael was awarded the Junior Dally M player of the year award, Commonwealth Bank Cup player of the year and at the age of 20 he was in the Balmain 1st grade side. In 1999 he moved to England where he played with the Bradford Bulls till 2006 and then joined Wigan in 2007.

    Ned Catic – Made his first grade debut for Penrith in August 1996 still only 18 years of age. In 1997 Ned was a member of the Australian Under 19’s Super league side and was also a member of the Penrith Under 19’s side that won the Mal Meninga Cup. Moved to the Sydney Roosters in 2003. First St Clair player to play in an NRL Grand Final. Moved to England in 2005 where he played for Wakefield Trinity and then to Castleford in 2008.

    Mathew Rieck –  In 1997 his 10th season with St Clair Junior Rugby League Club Mathew played in the Under 17 Australian side and was also a member of the Penrith Under 19 side that won the Mal Meninga Cup. In 1998 he was also a member of the Australian under 19’s side. Made his debut for Penrith 1st Grade side in 1999. Moved to the Cronulla Sharks in 2002 and then to the West Tigers in 2005.

    Scott McLean – Made his first grade debut for the Northern Eagles in 2000 and then to  the South Sydney Rabbitohs in 2003 an 2004.

    Wade McKinnon – played his rep football with Sydney Roosters before joining  Parramatta. Played for the South Sydney Rabbitohs in 2003 before joining Parramatta again in 2004 and then the the NZ Warriors  in 2007.

    Steve Turner –  Played his early football with St Clair Junior Rugby League Club. Made his 1st Grade debut for Penrith in 2002 before joining Melbourne Storm in 2004. Scored a try in the 2006 NRL Grandfinal against the Broncos. Won two NRL Grand finals with Melbourne before joining the Bulldogs in 2010.

    Frank Pritchard –  Made his 1st Grade debut for Penrith at 20 years old in 2003. Became our first International player when he played for New Zealand in 2005.

    Dane Neirinckx  – Made his 1st Grade debut for the Canterbury Bulldogs in 2003

    Simon Finnigan – Moved to England where he played with Widnes in 2003, Salford in 2005 and the Bradford Bulls in 2007. Represented Ireland in the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.

    Ben Rogers Made his first grade debut for Penrith in 2005 before moving to South Sydney in 2006. Played for St George-Illawarra in 2008 and Newcastle in 2009.

    Zeb (John)Taia – Made his first grade debut for Parramatta in 2006. Moved to Newcastle in 2007.

    Junior Paulo – Made is first grade debut for Parramatta in May 2007.

    Michael Paulo – Made is first grade debut for Penrith in 2008.

    Lancen Joudo – Made his debut for the Cronulla Sharks in 2009.

    Kurtley Beale – Made his debut for  the Wallabies  in 2009. Kurtley played his last two years of Rugby League at St Clair in 1999 and 2000, winning two premierships before switching to Rugby Union at St Joseph’s College.

    Justin Horo  – Made is first grade debut for Para matta in March 2010

    Sarafu Fatiaki  – Made his first grade debut for Penrith Panthers in 2011.

    Tinirau Arona – Made his first grade debut for Sydney Roosters in 2011.

    Blake Austin  – Made his first grade debut for Penrith Panthers in 2011.

    Matthew Moylan – 1st Grade debut for Penrith Panthers in 2014

    Dallin Watene Zelezniak – 1st Grade debut for Penrith Panthers in 2014

    Tepai Moeroa – 1st Grade for Parramatta in 2014. Won 3 Grand Final at St Clair in 2006, 2006 and 2008.